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Not much activity on this community but I wanted to share anyway.

Well I can now say Sunday [8/5/07] Was one of the best days of my life.
I went to the scary kids show with my 2 bestfriends alex and Kim.
I had the best time from listening to a song that never ended to being picked on by the lead singer of boys night out.
I was right in the very front the whole show.
I almost died when Chad was setting up right in front of me.
I know its kind of retarded to still be all freaked out because I've met the whole band already at warped but still its my favorite band give me a break <3
But Yeah that was the best show I have ever seen them put on ha ha i love pouyan and his crazy dances
I was just happy that I got so close of course i was showing as much enthusiasm as possible singing along and all that other great stuff.
I might have got my hair pulled out,My ribs out of place, and my knees bruised from slamming into the stage but it was all worth it.
But the best part of it all was after the show.

So Me,Alex,and Kim walked out of the gates and Scary Kids were getting all their equitment together and stuff and everyone was standing around and I saw Chad. And my goal was to get a picture with him.
It took me a few minutes to work up the guts to go talk to him but I did and im glad.
"Hey Chad"
*turns around*
"Will you take a picture with me?"
If you've ever met him before you proably know he's the quiet one out of the group but he gave me a smile and shook his head.
So I got a picture with him and a hug.
Of course his girlfriend walked up and was giving me the death glare but I could care less.
Then while us 3 were screwing around bythe tour bus Pouyan was messing with his keyboard case and sitting on a speaker.
And Alex wanted to take a picture with him.
But she didnt wanna ask so now that I wasnt nervous I walked right up to him.
I was like "Hi pouyan!" and he was like "Hey" so I asked him if he'd take a picture with me, he was like "Of course!" so he put his arm around me and we took the picture and I asked him for a hug to so I got to Sweaty hugs from 2 of my favorite guys <3
So after all that we ensued a rousing game of tag while we waited for our ride ha ha were losers.
But Yeah their all pretty chill down to earth guys guys I love 'em.

Oh yes click the link for the pictures :]]] 
There's a lot and I didnt bother resizing them so look at your own risk.

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